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Introduction of DLGL- Dung Quat Hotel  

Dear Honored Customers,

What if the modern way of life required businessmen or constantly away from your office and home? Now you can feel at home and at your office, even thousands of miles away.

Opened in June 2011, DLGL- Dung Quat Hotel is the first international four – star hotel at the Economic Zone, built on a green and tranquil space at the Doc Soi Junction, near the trunk road Hightway 1A to Dung Quat Port, Chu Lai Airport and the Van Tuong urban area. Since its opening the hotel has attracted many visitors coming here to work, stay or just relax. This ia a convenient location to the sites of the economy as well as two Quang Nam and Quang Ngai Provinces with distance:

- 15 km from the DLGL hotel to Dung Quat Port

- 10 km from the DLGL hotel to Dung Quat Refinery and Chu Lai Port

- 30 km from the DLGL hotel to Quang Ngai City

- 100 km from the DLGL hotel to Da Nang Airport

The hotel was designed in accordance with natural conditions and is environmentally friendly, with exquisite architecture in harmonious combination between luxury amenities and the modern and cultural values of the central and western highlands.

DLGL - Dung Quat Hotel has more than 100 rooms of many different types, ranging from superior, Family, VIP Suite, and President Suite rooms.

For years the Duc Long Gia lai Group has been well known for wood processing and exports. This is why the hotel cosy hotel space and comfortable furniture and wooden floors made from hight quanlity wood of the Duc long Gia Lai Group. All rooms are also equipment with state-of-the-art facilities such as key cards, centre console power, central air conditioning, cable internet, LCD television, satellite television, safe deposit box, fresh flowers, fruit and other items of four-star standard.

A concept well established and appealing for its unique style, comfort and business services, Duc Long Gia Lai Dung Quat Hotel bring guests a sense of difference with unique architecture where they can discover new things from all corners. A green space with vegetation of over species, a swimming pool, and water in the cooler will bring to guest the greatest level of comfort and relaxing moments.

The Hotel’s Golden Sand Restaurant garden can seat more than 300 guest and serves more than 200 menu dishes with fresh seafood, an outdoor barbecue and other specialities of central Viet Nam.

Dinning rooms for VIP guest-Jasmine, Hibiscus and Camellia-with culinary delights offer guest an unforgettable experience in Asian cuisine prepared by profess-sional chefs.

Guest can also enjoy elegant and sophisticated drinks, pastries, and wines, with cocktails and juices at the Coffee Bar Lounge at the hotel; an appropriate setting for business meetings.

The hotel also has office space for lease on a 1,600 sq m subdi-vision. Modern equipment support the office, with profes-sional security service and safe parking.

For health and enjoying life, guest can visit the hotel’s Physical Therapy Asian Massage Centre & Spa to pamper themselves with a body massage, a hot stone massage, or a herbal steam bath with aromatherapy essences from Thailand and Japan. The exercise room, tennis court, outdoor swimming pool, sunbathing yard and landscaped waterfall will be also give you a feeling of comfort to relax after a long day’s work.

Discover Duc Long Gia Lai Dung Quat Hotel’s passion for detail and elegance.

Thanks very much for your kind attention to our Open Letter and we are looking forward to welcoming you soon.
Address: Doc Soi Junction, Dung Quat Economic Zone, Binh Son, Quang Ngai, VN - Tel: +84 (255) 3630.999 - 3630 888/ 0918.394.257